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<< Some original classic footage, back in the day >>

August 2017 Red Carpet Events

Harold and Carol Pump Red Carpet benefit for Cancer.

Shoutout by Sacramento Kings owner Phil Oates. Kudo's to our Chris Valentine for a great day of Hosting America's Sports giants.

Jane Seymour Golden Globe winner interviewed at PUMP Red Carpet 2017 Emmitt Smith (Super Bowl XXX champion) Interviewed at PUMP Red Carpet 2017
Phil Oates owner of the Sacramento Kings. Interviewed at PUMP Red Carpet 2017 Leah Pump of the Harold and Carole Pump Foundations PUMP 2017 Red Carpet
CE Jordon, Story Teller LA Zoo, Eco Couture models
Kim Estes, Actor Darby Hinton, Actor











Live at the Hollywood Foreign Press Banquet Aug 2017 at the Beverly Wilshire Hotel presenting more than 2.8 million in donations to entertainment related organizations! (c)HFPA see moreĀ»


Armie Hammer


Mark Hamill


Matt Bomer


iHEART RADIO, August 2017 Bebe Rexha Performance

Performing LIVE at the iHeartRadio Theater Aug 2017 in Burbank. Thank you to Wes and Alex for iHeartRadio. see moreĀ»

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha

Bebe Rexha