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Available for most venues and events. Open 7-days a week, from the hours 4PM-10PM.




Premier Access Network

PO Box 121

Burbank, CA 915003






We offer a quick turn-around - most events can be covered with as little as 24-hours notice


Premier Access Network pay homage to the golden age of Hollywood - America's premier dream factory. MGM set the standard, with the brightest stars in the galaxy. MGM had the highest fashion designers, sets, cinemetography, directors, screenwriters and musical composers.


Contact us at your convenience, by either phone or email.

Provide us with your Company name, address, a Contact Person, an Email address, and your phone number.

Let us know what type of event you want covered, the location, a list of celebrities or personalities, and your time-frame.

Premier Access Network is the premier News and Media company serving the 30 mile zone of Los Angeles.


Disney/ABC - ABC Riverside Building, 2300 Riverside Dr, Burbank, CA 91506Phone: (323) 258-7413



NBC Studios Address: 100 Universal City Plaza, Bldg 2120. Universal City, CA 91608. General Phone Number: (818) 840 4444


Warner Brothers, Burbank, CA


MGM/SONY, Culver City, CA


FOX Studios, Century City, CA


CBS-Beverly, Television City, CA


Paramount Studios, Hollywood, CA


CBS Studio City, CA